Meet Elisa

Elisa is passionate about teaching and inspiring students to embrace a smart and fun style of yoga. Elisa has been teaching for more than five years, and has more than 350 certified hours of training in yoga, anatomy, functional movement and whole body therapeutics. She loves working with students to help grow their yoga practices both physically and spiritually. She frequently works with athletes helping them take their sports to the next level through body awareness, and enhancement of stability, strength and mobility. Well versed in how the body, mind connections can be retrained, Elisa has a unique flair for bringing the principles of functional movement into a practice that is fun and uplifting.


"Some yoga instructors go through the poses with no instruction more focused on the flow. Elisa is NOT one of those instructors - she's constantly giving adjustments and truly helping me expand my practice. I find myself thinking "how would Elisa adjust me?" when I'm practicing with another instructor. She's excellent and I highly recommend her."

Carolyn, Park City, Utah

"Elisa is truly an amazing yoga INSTRUCTOR. Her classes are always so thoughtful, incorporating just the right balance of mind, body, and spirit. I always leave having learned something new and bettering my practice. I am so grateful to have met her. I never miss my favorite Sunday class!!"

Kristin, Park City, Utah

"I love Elisa as a teacher! I have been taking classes regularly with her for about the last three years. She has really grown as an instructor! She always mixes up the class and gives it a theme so you never have the same class twice which I really enjoy! Her music selection is also great. I would send anyone I know to her class!"

Alisha, Park City, Utah

"Elisa is a beautifully intuitive and thoughtful teacher who creates a welcome atmosphere and practice that is playful and fun as well as very focused on proper alignment. Thank you for an incredible experience!"

Renee, Park City, Utah

"I love Elisa's classes. They are fun and logical and give me exactly what I need. Her cues and music are great, too. I can even do a handstand for one second now."

Wendy, Park City, Utah



More than 450 Hours of Trainings and 1000 Hours of Teaching

Trainings with Lara Heimann at YogaStream:

ERYT200 * 50 Hr. Whole Body Therapeutics * Breath and Bandhas * Hip Anatomy

Other trainings include workshops from Alexandria Crow, Dylan Werner, Ana Forrest and Adam Ballanger

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